Perfectly Distressed Jeans

DSC_8843 - Version 2

The second type of clothing you won’t see me in very ofter are very tight or too fitted pants. I have nothing against them, but for some reason i’ve never been attracted to them.  Though i’ve worn them occasionally, it’s not the norm for me.

I however, immediately fell in love with these Zara bleached, spotted, ripped black tight jeans. I didn’t try them on; simply put them on and upon trying them on, they were the perfect size, and I absolutely loved the fit. It feels soft against my skin. They were super easy to pull over my hips. They’ve got zippers down the side of the angle. But the best part is, it sits just below my waist, not over my butt crack.


| Jeans: Zara | Top: Jcrew |


DSC_8837 - Version 2


DSC_8838 - Version 2

DSC_8833 - Version 2

DSC_8832 - Version 2

DSC_8830 - Version 2

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