Pigeon Point Tobago


A place of peace and beauty, Pigeon Point, Tobago

Rest and relaxation is essential for the soul. It’s essential for your well being. Being able to remove yourself from stressors, and to simply be is one of the best arsenals to incorporate into your self care regimen. It doesn’t have to be far away. It could be your local botanic gardens, your library, a quiet place in the park, a mountain retreat, hiking, a walk in the woods. As long as you can use that time to appreciate and reconcile all of your life – good and bad.  According to Eckhart Tolle, you shouldn’t take your thoughts too seriously. Truer words have never been spoken. Our thoughts can be pretty dangerous, and when they run ahead of us it’s hard to catch up. Keep your thoughts in check. And finding a place of peace is a good way to start. This is one of my places of peace, Pigeon Point, Tobago.


I’m literally posing in a bikini-epic moment for me.

 I love covering up. I do wear my shoulders out and I love shorts. But, I probably have all of one picture in a bikini bathing suit. As a matter of fact, in any bathing suit. I grew up with a very conservative, christian grandmother who will not, and I mean, never wear a bathing suit to the beach or anywhere else for that matter. She doesn’t even own one.

As a child I wore bathing suits, including bikinis, but as I got older I started to shy away from what I considered, the overly exposed look.  I just didn’t  like people staring at me. No one told me to stop, but evidentially my grandmother’s influence in my life was very strong.  To make matters worse, my stomach was scared with stretch marks ( it’s hard to see in the pictures) from the birth of my 23 year old. After that, bikinis were totally a no, no. It was the perfect excuse to keep my body hidden away. But something called absolute confidence started happening to me over the past two years.

And though we had the beach almost entirely to ourselves this day, taking pictures in a bikini was a huge step for me. Blogging it is even more epic. In my quest for a more balanced life i’m daring to do and to simply be who I am, flaws and all, authentically, Dixie.

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 Pigeon Point, Tobago

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