DSC_2685 - Version 2

Pinkerton. That was my nickname as a baby. Apparently, I used to cry a lot, and when I did, I would turn pink. That is, until I got fully dark, and you could not see the pinkness.

What’s that got to do with anything? I headed upstate, New York for an event last weekend, and this pink dress brought back the pinkerton memory. Just sharing. Now onto….


| Dress & Shoe: Kate Spade: Clutch: BCBG |

DSC_2688 - Version 2

So, I did not lotion my ankles and foot, hence the ashy look. I got the upper part done, but was hurrying out, and could not finish the rest.  I did manage to fix it once I got into the car to head over to the event venue.

DSC_2687 - Version 2

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