Pour Some Sugar On You

Demerara Turbinado Sugar

While over consumption of sugar can make the skin dull and wrinkled, there is no arguing that sugar, as an exfoliator will brighten and rejuvenate your precious exterior layer. I get my sugar rush with Turbinado, which is also known as “sugar in the raw” or “raw sugar.”

The process of exfoliation is a sure fire way to remove dead cells from the outermost layer of the skin for a fresh, renewed, bright, smooth and healthier appearance. Frequent exfoliation will reduce flakiness, dullness and dryness. Keep in mind however, while exfoliation is great for revitalizing dull skin, the process used is different for each part of your body; gentler exfoliants are used for more sensitive areas such as the face.

So, in the name of love; love for your skin that is, pour some sugar on you several times per week and watch your skin glow.

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