Public School Made In NY Gets An A

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Ting ah, ling, ah, ling, school bell ring…..time for Public School – that is Public School made by NY, the clothing brand created by the dynamic, Dao-Yi chow and Maxwell Osborne. The name Public School caught my attention when they launched back in 2008 because at the time, I was a public school teacher in NYC. So, i’ve silently sat back, watched and enjoyed their evolution. In the 6 short years since their launch, they’ve  managed to achieve some pretty notable accomplishments, including a CFDA Swarvoski nomination for menswear, praise from publications such as GQ and Esquire, and their amazing designs can be found in stores like Nordstrom, Harvey Nichols (no relation…lol), Odin & Guild, Revolve Clothing and more.

The Principals, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne are no strangers to fashion success. The talented duo were an integral part of the success of SEAN JOHN clothing line. Chow held dual roles as the Vice President of marketing and creative director, while Osborne oversaw fabric designs for the award winning clothing company.

I love that the’ve transformed classic looks into everyday wearable and comfortable. I mean, I’ll even wear some of the mens clothes. And now, I get to enjoy their women’s wear. Yes, they’ve broaden their base with a woman’s wear line, and those capes, slouchy pants and wide brim hats can definitely appease the man in me. Yes, he’s in there somewhere letting loose some testosterone; proof: I found a hair on my chin some time a go.

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