Rainy Day Outfit

Rainy days always feels like the worst day to get dressed up. Who wants to be prancing around all dolled up in heels and beautiful clothing when it’s pouring? I always keep it simple, but interesting. The staples for my rainy day outfit almost, always includes rain boots, and a fedora. However, when you’re not working a regular 9 to 5, and you don’t have to dress in office wear, as is the case with me, it’s a bit easier.

If you work in an office setting, grab a canvas bag. Throw on those boots, and put on a hat.  When you get to the office, hat and boots go in canvas. You slip on your pumps and shake your hair out and you’re ready for the paper work.


My fedora fetish led me to this cutie that I found tucked away in a thrift store in the NYC’s east village vicinity. What attracted me was the burgundy ribbon and yellow trim. And, to top it all off, I paid only $25 for it. Gotta love thrifting. One man’s trash can be your treasure.

The pics are a bit fuzzy, because my little photographer was not in the mood. Beggars can’t be choosers. I was ordered to say thank you and flash the peace sign to show my appreciation.

So, peace to you all. Hope you have a great rest of the week.



DB1_9001 DB1_9000 DB1_8999


| Boots: Hunter  | Leggings, Sweater & Jacket: Jcrew | Fedora: Thrifted ( Monk Vintage, NYC ) | Clutch: Gap |


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