Ray Ban Coverage


Photo: Photokutz

These photos are from last spring. It’s all about the Ray Ban, which I absolutely love. It does an amazing job of coverage, and protecting my eyes from the UV rays and sun’s glare, which irritate my Ptergia. Protecting your eyes is sensible and can be done with style. A good pair of sunnies with UV coating is all you need to ward off the harmful elements in the environment.

The one downside to this pair i’m wearing are the nose pads, which has left dark marks on both sides of my nose bridge. The pads also tend to shift as time goes by, so at times the glasses seem lopsided. As a result, I only wear them on long driving trips. And, I sit them lower on my nose bridge so they don’t squeeze and mark the upper portion.

But, the way they frame the face is fantastic. If I can get ones without the nose pads, I’ll buy for sure.

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