Recycled Dress

As I type this post i’m singing, “I’m gonna pop some cash only got $20 in my pocket, i’m, i’m ah huntin”……love that song. Yeah, Mackelmore! I agree. Who’s got time and money to be buying new digs all the time? I know I don’t; not the money nor the time. So, sometimes i’m down with a recycled dress, or shoes, or purse, or whatever. Anyways, we all have those days when what’s in our closet is not what we have in mind to wear, and that was me a few weeks ago. I was hunting for something (not for purchase) refreshing, and couldn’t find it in my closet; didn’t quite know what either until I came across this dress in a box, in my storage unit.

Back, in 2008, I spent a bit more than $20 on this dress for my daughter, and since her style changed 360 degrees, she disposed of it in a bin. Yeah, my hard earned money gets put in a bin at her convenience. Of course the thrift lover in me decided to salvage it rather than throw it out. Glad I did, because I tried it on and, yes, it fit. I love the color and pattern; indeed refreshing. I think it’s a great dress for an evening stroll along the promenade or the boardwalk, which is exactly where I went after putting it on. I’ll definitely be making good use of it this summer.

Recycled Clothing

My older daughter, Cid on my left in 2008


| Dress: Lucky Brand | Sandals: Madewell |

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