Sensa Corbata / No Tie: All Black For Josep Maria


Our Blogger friend, Josep Maria has decided to retire his blog, Senaa Corbata / No Tie, which features amazingly stylish, mature women from around the globe. So, it’s only fitting that he gets a thoroughly, appreciated, international send off from his blogger buddies.

His weekly round up of some of the most stylish women has been so incredibly awesome. I believe most of us do this because we love to and not because we have to. In just over the year since i’ve started my blog, i’ve been abundantly inspired by so many beautiful, mature women, from around the world with their sense of style. Josep Maria’s blog,  Senaa Corbata / No Tie is a compilation of endless creativity and stylish inspiration.

Thank you Josep Maria for taking the time to recognize some of us women for the creatures that we are: stylishly evolving, unique and beautiful. You’ll be missed.


| Skirt: Zara: Shoes: BCBG | Top & Clutch: Banana Republic | Necklace: Khols |


DSC_4674 - Version 2

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  • You look Amazing!!!

  • jmbadia

    Dear Dixie. you also in this initiative? I’m excited, I’m very pleased, and very surprised. My blog was a very simple and unpretentious thing. I just wanted to mention that I like fashion, fashion for mature people, with elegance and respect. I am very happy to have met you, you’re a woman with great style and a great personality. I am proud to have your appreciation and respect. Thank you very much for your gesture of affection. I love your look, it is really lovely, elegant and very attractive. You look really pretty. A big hug.

    • Hi Josep Maria! Surprise!!! Yes, I’m also in on it, and it was my pleasure. You are an awesome being. We’ll miss you for sure. Big hugs right back at yuh!!!!

  • Wow, what a look. What a send-off. You look sensational. That leather skirt, that daring top and as a necklace-lover …. I so admire this necklace!! Beautiful. And let us not forget the shoes!