Sequins And Black

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I’ve changed over the years, and i’m certain i’ll change again and again. But some things about me are unlikely to change. I love to dress up. I love fashion. I love style. I’m stylish. The order in which I listed them may change, but those little facts will never change.

I’m all decked out for my women’s group: ETTW North Jersey launch. It was a wonderful night spent mingling with wonderful and beautiful women.

It’s night-time, so my big eyes, which are usually hidden behind sunglasses in the day are on display. Love my big eyes.

I love sequins. I’ll wear sequins in the day if i’m in the mood. Yes, that’s me. I dress how I feel. What others think and how they feel about the way I dress at 43 is irrelevant to me. As I get older, it’s become so easy for me to do. My only desire is to inspire others ( who wish to be ) to pursue their passion and their loves – be it fashion or whatever – and to do so without fear of being judged or criticized, to be authentically true to self. Whether people see you or not, approve or disapprove, do what you do until you’re no longer fulfilled.


| Skirt: Jcrew | Sequin Top: Thrifted | Shoes: LAMB/Thrifted | Blazer: Haute Hippie | Clutch: BCBG |

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