Shopped My Closet Day 1


I recently browsed through my closet and realized there are items and pieces i’ve either never worn or worn only once. Not a good look. I work and hustle hard for my money and think my clothing deserves a lot more wearing attention.

So, in lieu of my reflection, i’ve decided to shop my own closet for 30 days. No clothes or shoes will be purchased for 30 days. NADA. I love the clothing and shoes I buy, and would love to get more out of them than a single wear or the occasional stare. Ladies, I know you understand.

So, without further ado, Day 1


| Pants and Beanie: All Saints | Shoes & Sweater: Jcrew | Coat: Banana Republic | Faux Fur Handbag: Oilily |

*PS. I gotta be honest. I did not wear the shoe. After the pics, I changed into my current fave, Vans slip-ons. But, if my hip was fully recovered, these would be the shoes i’d wear this outfit with.




DSC_4719 - Version 2


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