Shopped My Closet Day 11


The sneakers i’m wearing are coming back to me from my older daughter. She bought them in high school, and when she went off to college, all her stuff was placed in our storage bin. We thought she’d take them once she graduated. That’s no the case, however. Now that she’s no longer in school, missy’s decided she needs a new closet and wanted none of her old things. Well, far be it for me to let good stuff go to waste. I’ve found lots of useable items, shared some with friends and even donated some to charity. And of course, I abide by the philosophy that, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

As stressed as I am ( and if you look closely you’ll see it in my face. Weight loss etc), it still brings me great joy to get these blog post up. I truly look forward to doing them. Thank you for reading and your encouragement. Means the world. This is day 11 of shopping my closet.


| Coat: DKNY | Pants: Marshalls | Sweater: H&M | Cap: Jcrew | Sneakers: Vans |






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