Shopped My Closet Day 18


The ice is melting and I can see the base of my deck again. Hoping and praying for lots of sunshine be get rid of the tremendous build up all the snowfall has left behind.

My outfit today was inspired by the color combination of June Ambroses’ blue sleeveless fur jacket and red sweater she wore during NYFW, spring 2014. I had this sweater dress sitting in my closet along with my trustee, red Kangol hat collecting dust. And Ding! A light bulb went on immediately.  See ladies, your closet can be a place of many surprises. To be honest, I never would have taught to wear these together. But, I like the outcome.


| Faux Fur Vest: TjMaxx | Pants: Target | Tee: Madewell | Sweater: H&M | Bag: Balenciaga | FEdora: Kangol |

june ambrose









I was totally blackmailed into taking this picture. My little photog told me if I didn’t hold her cat, whom she walks on the deck with a blue leash (he hates it), she would not take my photos. See what I have to put up with. Mind you, I think he hated me for holding him with a leash.

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