Shopped My Closet Day 23


Time has moved forward, so we slept one hour less and have more sunlight. Can’t complain. To celebrate the extra rays of sunshine, I went out to an early evening dinner with the hubby. It’s so exciting and liberating to get out of the house and be able to walk with my feet (got nothing but love for my crutches tho’).

The shoes i’m wearing are from my girlfriend/cousin. They were to small for her and she wore them once. And, since I love leopard like kids love lollipops, there was no need to ask twice. They were a bit loose on my feet, so I gave them to my daughter, who in turn wore them once and then told me to throw them out. WHAT? Throw them out? Oh no I didn’t. I kindly went out and bought some inserts, stuck them in and they now fit perfectly. This girl has no issues taking hand me downs from her family and good friends.

Also, last week I trimmed off some of my hair; getting a bit tired of the boring length. I’m actually contemplating putting a color and some highlights in it. We’ll see.


| Pants: Asos | Tee: Target | Shirt: DKNY | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Clutch: Zara |










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