Shopped My Closet Day 23


Time has moved forward, so we slept one hour less and have more sunlight. Can’t complain. To celebrate the extra rays of sunshine, I went out to an early evening dinner with the hubby. It’s so exciting and liberating to get out of the house and be able to walk with my feet (got nothing but love for my crutches tho’).

The shoes i’m wearing are from my girlfriend/cousin. They were to small for her and she wore them once. And, since I love leopard like kids love lollipops, there was no need to ask twice. They were a bit loose on my feet, so I gave them to my daughter, who in turn wore them once and then told me to throw them out. WHAT? Throw them out? Oh no I didn’t. I kindly went out and bought some inserts, stuck them in and they now fit perfectly. This girl has no issues taking hand me downs from her family and good friends.

Also, last week I trimmed off some of my hair; getting a bit tired of the boring length. I’m actually contemplating putting a color and some highlights in it. We’ll see.


| Pants: Asos | Tee: Target | Shirt: DKNY | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Clutch: Zara |










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  • jmbadia

    The strength of the blue. Love the pants, and also your necklace, your bag and your shoes. A look with easy proposition, but with much aesthetic power.

  • Great look, great colours, perfect shoes (I would have gladly accepted them as well). Now about your hair…. Typicall comment for somebody who can afford to take her hair for granted. Getting bored with it… Shame on you. And I think that colouring it and putting highlights in, would spoil the natural beauty and make it look artificial. IMHO. You are going to do it anyway, so I will be able to see and judge. Beware! LOL

    • Thanks you! Yes, the hair….lol…you’re right, I do take my hair for granted because, I was raised in an environment where hair was not a big issue, at all. I had my first hair cut – big chop, almost bald at 10 – and i’ve had countless cuts since. My family always encouraged freedom of expression when it came to dressing and hair. There were never any boundaries, unless it was viewed as vulgar.

      That said, color doesn’t even agree with my hair. Once I put it in, I have to be ready to chop within the year because it breaks badly. So, I hear you loud and clear. Shame on me for even thinking it. Fear not fearless fashion one (no pun intended), i’m considering other options.

      BTW, your frank talk and honesty always puts a big smile on my face or triggers a bout of laughter from deep within. Thanks for that.

      • I am glad you said that about honesty, because although you already told me you appreciate it, I often feel bad about such a comment. As if you are raining on somebody’s parade. But I follow you consequently and comment so often, it would be totally implausible if I am always cheering. You can never please everybody all of the time. We people are too different from eachother for that. So your reply reassured me I am on the right track and not offending you. :-)

  • Never offending. Absolutely love what we have going. Keeping it real is important. We’re all learning and one another…Muahs!!