Shopped My Closet Day 8



Most of my 30 day outfits will be day/casual wear. To be honest, the only places i’ve been going for the past few months are the Physical Therapy office (3 days per week), the doctors office and church. This too shall pass. I need about one more month of healing and then Bam! I’m back. Can’t wait to strut – not stand around  – in my heels!


| Coat: Jcrew | Jogger Pants: H&M | Sweater: Gap | Cap: Jcrew | Cross-body bag: Coach |

DSC_5048   DSC_5055

..Still slinging my small cross-body bags over my shoulder. I truly miss my big bags.


By the way, it’s 12 degrees outside and i’m also wearing two long sleeve under shirts and two leggings under the joggers.

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  • pghbekka

    Random blog lurker who just wanted to say: You look stunning! I love your sense of style. This coat and your one from Day 3 are definitely the best winterwear I’ve seen this season. And I love the bright lip and orange bag with this,

    Sorry you’re not feeling at your best, but glad that you’re healing. :)

    • Thank you so much for lurking by my site. I appreciate your presence and comment. Those two coats are favorites of mine and they’ve oldies. Thrilled that you like them. Thank you again for stopping by…xo

  • jmbadia

    I really like this look, elegant and casual at the same time. The coat is cute and pants and jersey, I love them. I like your look with a little cap, you have a youthful and attractive appearance. Your lips and your smile, the nicest of the post.

    • Thank you sir! With such cold temperatures, it’s all about total coverage and layers, and trying new colors like with the lips…xo

  • Amazing how elegant you can remain when casual and in layers. I must wwatch you more closely. LOL
    Seriously, you look so young with that cap and great smile. I agree with Josep-Maria, you have such a great smile.

    • Thank you! This coat is a very old Jcrew number that just over 10 years old. I attempted to give it away several times, but couldn’t bear to part with it. Glad I kept it. Glad my smile makes you and Josep-Maria smile…..xoxo