Shopped My Closet Day 9

DSC_5087 - Version 2

The outfit was for a funeral. The pic was taken in my mother’s parking garage in the Brooklyn. And, I must admit, the heels were worn only for this picture. I wore much more sensible shoes. But, I was falling behind on my posts and wanted to get as many of them out of the way because I have other stuff to do. My older daughter took these photos.

DSC_5086 - Version 2 DSC_5085 - Version 2   DSC_5080 - Version 2 DSC_5077 - Version 2

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  • jmbadia

    A hairstyle, spectacular and attractive. The look of funeral is also beautiful, I like the all black, is elegant. The coat is very nice, has a wonderful design.

    • Thank you Jmbadia! It was sad, but black always seem to have a degree of sophistication to it.

  • Incredible what you can do with your hair. Love this style as well. And both your daughters have photographing talent. Lucky you.

    • I washed it, put some moisturizer and coconut oil in it, put some braids in it, took out the braids, and Viola! Big hair…xo The girls have fun taking the pictures. Especially, Zoe! Glad I have her.