Shorts For Short Legs

Shorts for short legs is what I have to buy when I go shopping  I choose shorts over mini skirts any day. And, i’m sure you’re figured out by now that I absolutely love shorts in the warm season.

So it’s no surprise that i’ve been head over heels for all the beautifully colored, textured and patterned shorts that’s been popping up over the past 4 to 5 summers. Having been born and raised in the caribbean’s hot climate, I crave the feel of the sun on my back, arms and legs. It just can’t be helped. So, within reason it’s, legs out, arms out, and back out when the summer rolls in.


I’ve been told I have short, stumpy legs, which I think is a stretch. Short, yes. but, I won’t go so far as to say I have stumpy legs. Anyway, I totally understand that it’s some people’s opinion. Now, if you like shorts, and have short legs; short muscular legs, or even remnants of once muscular legs like me, and love shorts, then be mindful of the type of shorts you wear, as the wrong length can cause you can look even shorter.

For my short legs, I wear shorter shorts. Not too short, ’cause that’s just not my style.

The 3, 4 or 5 inch – inseam shorts are perfect. I also have a few 7 inch-inseams, but they do tend to make my legs look shorter. I absolutely swear by Jcrew’s distressed 5 inch shorts, which i’ve worn here, here and here.  Gap, Old Navy and Ann Taylor also have awesome ones.

The 3 and 4 inches are also great depending of your comfort level; i’ve worn them to the beach and for a night stroll on the board walk. But, I won’t wear them around town.

For ideas on flattering shorts for your body, visit here or the chicfashionista website.


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