Six Snoods

Eternity Scarves

If only they would last an eternity. The snood. The eternity scarf. The circle scarf. The wrap shawl. Whatever you call them, they are a great departure from the traditional double ended scarves. No long or uneven tails lagging behind or in front of you. But like the traditional scarf, they disappear with the same quickness. What’s up with that? Why can’t we seem to hold on to our scarves/snoods? With price tags to fit all budgets, these six snoods, as I prefer to call them are some of my favorite for the season.

From top, left to right: Animal print infinity scarf:; Infinity Scarf: Lucky, Merona Solid Infinity Scarf:; Cashmere Infinity Scarf:; Spun by Subtle Infinity Chunky Sweater Knit Scarf:; Edara Snood:


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  • Just bought a good black one, to wear with my purple coat and black hat. I can also wear it as a dress or a skirt haha.

    • Oh, can’t wait to see that outfit. A dress or skirt? Seriously?….lol

      • It just just a piece of cloth sewn together in a loop. And they give you pictures with it, how to wear it. Well…. never.

        • You’re absolutely right. Never thought of how easy they are. I think i’m going to buy some fabric and sew some for my self. I’ll share with you when I do…xoxo