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  • This is a fun one. I am sunbathing in my garden with no SPF whatsoever, and I started watching your video……. You are so right. And I am not listening.
    I do not sit in the sun that often. Only about three times in Spring for one or two hours. After two o’clock or before twelve. So far so good. Only I do tan beds… … I know, I know… Bad bad bad. Taking a big risk here. I let my doctor check me up regularly, I have never been in the sun until I was 22 (honestly… I was literally white as a sheet). And I limit my tan bed sessions to once a week for 17 minutes and hardly any sessions between October and March. Hoping I will not get skin cancer. OK blodges and old skin are there already (there is that price to pay too). All in all, I like a tanned skin because I think clothes look so much nicer. Yes… I can hear you say… How important is that? We all have our flaws and weaknesses.

    • He! He! Love your forthrightness. You’ve got an awesome point. If you don’t do it much, it’s no harm, and the most important thing you’re doing – since you’re not wearing sunblock – is to choose the right time of the day….very smart. You’ve just motivated me to do another video about the benefits of sunbathing, which I am going to do tomorrow. It’s absolutely essential for the production of Vitamin D. So, I’m absolutely encouraging some sunbathing. Just don’t over do it, which you obviously don’t. The tanning sessions however, i’m not ok with. I’d say sun before tanning bed. But, I know you’re not going to listen….Dixie