Spitalfields Market London


We were off to Spitalfields market, which is a combination of outdoor shopping stalls (think Chelsea flea market) and restaurants. I’ve heard much about it from my american friends and some British expats. So, I had to see for my self, since browsing and shopping flea markets is a favorite past-time of mines.

To be honest, I was not not what I expected. My imagination conjured up a really huge space and endless vendors. I found all of two vendors that tickled my fancy; an african print clothing shop and an african jewelry shop. Both had absolutely beautiful designs. I  caved on a print skirt and shorts and a pair of earrings.

There is no shortage of food. I definitely recommend the restaurants. We had lunch in Laguana’s, and the food was delicious. The atmosphere was relaxed and charming, and it was kid friendly; well at 2pm it was.


| Dress: Top Shop | Sandals: made well | Bag: Balenciaga (my go to Vacay bag) |


Zoe at London Bridge awaiting the #47 bus to take us to Spitalsfield market.

DSC_8689 DSC_8692 DSC_8701

It was incredibly windy today, hair was all over the place.

DSC_8700 DSC_8673

I’m wearing different sunnies because I somehow had an extra in my bag and decided to switch out. Live. Love. Laugh.

DSC_8682 DSC_8684

Saw the most beautiful, organic vegetables at this little shop.


A view from some of the shops from the upper level of Laguna Restaurant.

DSC_8686A used hat stall at Spitalsfield market. I was impressed from up top, but the hats were very tattered and worn, so I passed.



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