Spontaneous Dinner Outfit

As much as I love makeup, i’ve never taken the time to really learn how to apply it. The basics, i’ve got covered, but not the more detailed sculpted looks. Never to late huh? I had the privilege of being made up by a beautiful and talented young lady, Paige, who is a licensed Esthetician, make up artist, consultant, and works at Sephora. You can visit her on Instagram to see some of her amazing work of art.

She sculpted  my scanty eyebrows, lifted my lack luster lids, configured my cheeks bones and defined my luscious lips. To be honest, initially, I had no where special to go. This was simply a make up experiment. But, since the results turned out extremely favorable, I  had to find someplace to go.

I got dressed up and waited for my husband to get home from a week and a half long business trip, and we headed off to a beautiful dinner. Maybe subconsciously that’s what I wanted to do. Ha!  Spontaneity is good for the soul. You gotta Live. Laugh. Love.

Have a happy weekend beauties.



DSC_0460 DSC_0462 DSC_0463
DSC_0459 DSC_0472


| Pants, Top & Jewlery: Jcrew | Shoes: Nine West | Sunnies: Burberry |

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