Spring 2014 Coats


Tough it’s not official, I think after 6 inches of snow it’s safe to say it’s winter. And, it’s never to early to start thinking ahead to warmer weather. I’m appreciating the winter, but i’m also appreciating what’s to come, like Spring 2014 coats. Here’s a look at some of what to expect.

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  • Hmmmm. I liked this coat on first glance, but dismissed it at second glance. Too busy.

    • Lol…you’re so refreshingly honest. Love that you are. I can be so eclectic at times. It reminds me of something I have an love in my closet. So I love it.

      • But I so like it. It is really nice and something different from the usual stuff. However I am a practical girl and my second thought was: this is an expensive coat and I would not be able to wear it with anything. So that is not a wise investment. But hey… how many unwise purchases have we already made? LOL

        • Your logic is on point. If it’s too expensive, I usually look elsewhere for a less expensive version, which is the case with the one I have that’s similar. Cost me just over $100.