Spring Into Jackets

Though it’s been spring for a while, it sure hasn’t felt that way lately. But, hallulejah all that’s changing as I type. It’s time to pull out the light jacket and blazers. And, this season, there is something for everyone. Weather you’re in your 20’s, 30’s 40’s, 50’s or beyond. These are some of my favorite jackets, with price tags that won’t break the bank.


Spring Jackets

| 1. Zara2. Ralph Lauren3. Target4. Madewell5. Zara6. Mango |

| 7. Forever 218. Zara |9. Madewell |


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  • Greetje Kamminga

    I bought a black and white striped jacket like the Ralph Lauren one and a white smoking jacket with gold lapels together with a black and white printed pair of trousers with a gold vertical line on each side. Oh… and a yellow jacket. And I gave my husband my credit cards for safe keeping…….

    • dixiebeauty

      Ohhh white smoking!! How exciting. Can’t wait to see you in them. I know there’s a good reason we connected. Guess what? About a month ago, I gave my husband all my credit cards except one I hold on to for emergencies. Ha! Ha! I totally understand the feeling. Nothing wrong with exercising some self control. Right?..xo

      • Greetje Kamminga

        I have had to exercise self control a couple of times in my life and never gotten myself into trouble. Now I am 59, and the last 1,5 years I have been dipping into my savings…. …That I have never done before.
        I keep thinking: ” I may be dead next year…” Or: ” I may get really illl tomorrow .. wouldn’t I regret…” etc etc.
        It is a steep sliding road down, I am afraid. I have to get a grip. It doesn’t fit in my wardrobe anymore either.
        But when I am wearing my smoking (not white, but white with black and gold) I will give you a warning haha