Spring Love List

Spring Love List


My spring love list.

A girl can splurge. In fact, every girl ought to splurge every once in a while. It’s a small part of the self care curriculum. But be mindful, and mind you budget, because this splurging stuff can get you in some serious trouble.

And though purchasing everything is not prudent on my budget, I will get a few, and I’ll be on the look out for pieces that mimic the other looks. What’s your spring splurge?


| Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Jeans: Diesel (Already own this one. Absolutely  love the fit) | Blazer: Alexander Mc Queen| Tee: Zara; Bag: Chanel| Bracelet: Hermes | Shoes: Christian Louboutin |

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  • And you did the shoes!! Do they walk well? They look awesome.

    • I did the shoes. A little splurging’s good for the soul..they work well for the cool, stylish effect, but they are the most uncomfortable, yet classiest shoes on the planet.

      I can tolerate them for about two hours tops, after that, I feel like the circulation is being cut out of my toes.


  • That keeps surprising me. I once thought that comfortable shoes needed good leather and a lot of attention of the maker, therefore they would not come cheap. I still think that, but apparently the makers of expensive shoes like Louboutin, Choo and the likes, put the extra money they charge in their own pocket instead of spending it on the comfort of the shoe.

    • I definitely agree with you on this Greetje! Most of my comfortable shoes are inexpensive.

      Why can’t the elite shoemakers take a page out of their book?

      It’s the exquisite look that gets me.