Summer Head Scarves

Me and my summer head scarf are on a road trip to Virginia, which is a seven hour drive from my current home in New York. My family loves to travel, so this is considered a “small run.”

Clothing, of course, must be super comfortable, and for me that means loose. Nothing tight or restrictive. With all the turning and twisting that goes on, I gotta be able to do so with ease. A loose dress, or shorts and i’m usually good to go. In addition, I don’t need my hair in the way, so I simplify with a scarf.

Summer head scarves are a staple in my closet. I  even wear the plain ones to sleep at night; black women usually sleep with them to keep their hair in place; I was born into that tradition.  To this day my grandmother still wears them. And, as women in general, regardless of ethnicity, a head good head scarf can save a bad hair day. Mine are usually reserved for the summer or if i’m traveling to a hot climate.

I particularly love this one, which I bought for my 9 year old when she was five. However, she doesn’t like to wear it, so I took it. The color is so very vibrant, fun and summery. Above all else, I love to wear my red, popping lipstick to give it some additional life.

I’m wearing two different sunnies in the pics, because I suffer from an eye disorder, (which you can learn about, here) and the ray ban wayfarer has a UV coating that protects my eyes very well. The Burberry on the other hand,  just looks good, so I tend to wear it later in the evenings when the sun is going down.

Cheers to the freakin weekend, and Memorial Day on Monday. Live. Love. Laugh.








| Dress: Anthropologie | Sandals: Madewell | Handbag: Jcrew | Head Scarf: Catimini | Sunnies: Burberry | Wayferer: Rayban | Earrings: Vizcaino Designs |

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  • Not only I love this head scarf on you and your gorgeous summer dress but when I look at your close-up photos I am speechless about your fabulous skin. This is truly amazing!

    I bought my Ray Ban Wayfarers in New York more than 25years ago and still love them, even my daughter nicks and wears them.

    Have a good Memorial Day weekend!
    Lady of Style

    • Thank you Annette,

      Keeping my skin looking great or the best it can is a labor of love. You should have seen it a year ago; a hormonal nightmare. But I managed to find a regimen that works, and I’m very consistent with my facial cleansing. In addition, i’m wearing make up so, it did a good job of hiding the tiny blemishes.

      Seriously?? you still have your Ray Ban Wayfarers? I wonder if I can keep mine that long. The first one I ever wore was my grandfather’s when I was about 7 years old.

  • Greetje Kamminga

    You look lovely in this dress with the head scarf. I have never worn one as my hair is thin and there is little of it. Perhaps I should try it once. You never know.
    I like everything in this outfit, bag, shoes, dress, earrings, head scarf.
    What keeps surprising me is your beauty. You are so beautiful it is unbelievable. And as an old wrinkly woman of 59 I envy your smooth skin. And your white teeth and your chocolate skin. All the things I do not have. We human beings always want something we don’t have, aren’t we stupid in that sense? I will have a severe talk with myself and tell me I should be happy with what I do have. LOL

    • Yes, you should try it. It’d love lovely on you. And thank you Greetje.
      You are so funny and beautiful. You are beautiful and knockout now, and I know you were too when you were 41. LIsten, I know i’ll be where you are one day, hence the reason i’m doing what i’m doing now so, I would be satisfied that I ( in your words) Lived. Loved. and Learned.
      And what I am learning from you is how not to fear my sense of style, and to be confident at any age. Thank you.

      • Greetje Kamminga

        I am flattered. Never knew anybody learned from me. LOL
        I was never beautiful, but never ugly either. Trying to be happy and cheerful.

  • Josep-Maria Badia

    Beautiful dress, Dixie, I love the print and design. A lovely look.

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