Tats Cru Tee – The Mural Kings


Yesir! With a tad bit ah swag, it’s all about the Tats Cru Tee today, which made a great addition to my layering. Sure it doesn’t cost a lot. But, it means a lot. Graffiti artists turned business men, Tats Cru hails from the Boogie down, Bronx, NY and have spray painted some of the fiercest murals you ever did see. Yes, they tagged trains and buildings, and God knows what else back in the day (70’s and 80″s) But, today they are legitimate business men who have worked with some of the most influential companies, including Coca Cola, Sprite and many of today’s top recording artists. From School buildings to Billboards, Tats Cru have sprayed them all.

 I can just picture a certain individual laughing her ass off as she reads this. Me with Swag. I’m laughing out loud too.

| Boots: Hunter | Leggings: JCrew | Hat: Anthropologie | Tee: Courtesy Tats Cru | Green Sweater: Jcrew |


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