White Sun Dress & Denim

As a 20 year old mother, life was tough. I had very little time to enjoy my 20s. I spent most of my time mothering, studying, and meeting and overcoming challenges; all so that I could accomplish my goals. My children were always my priority. Mind you, they still are; just not my sole priorities.  Now I think of me, to0. I have fun. I live. I love and I laugh.

I started my business just over a year and a half ago. I left my teaching job less than a year ago, and my personal income is not what it used to be. But, i’m as happy and content as can be. This past year, i’ve taken the time to find myself; to be still; to listen to me and what I want and need. And i’m having a great time getting to know me.

Today it’s the movies with my little one, but before that we picked some flowers and climbed a tree…lol ‘Twas an epic fail for me!! Next time i’ll be sure to try climbing with a pants on.

I’m thankful, happy and blessed that God’s given me the opportunity to be able to do what i’m doing at this point in my life.






Getting in position




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