Winter Blue Skirt


The cold season is extremely difficult for me to deal with. Even after 26 years in this country. You see, i’m a hot blood from the island of Trinidad. I can usually endure 3 months of the  cold, but after that it’s pretty much a struggle.

Needless to say dressing past my three months of comfort is also a chore. So it’s even more important to perk up by dressing up.

Today I tried a pair of polka dot leggings, because it was so very cold. I’m not quite sure it did the trick, but was running late, and it was whatever.


| Skirt & Top: Anthropologie | Leggings: Jcrew | Handbag: Burberry |

DSC_2228 DSC_2229 DSC_2237 DSC_2248 DSC_2252

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