Bedroom Inspired

While held up indoors during the pandemic, a lot became evident, including the fact that I need a new bed. Our bed is 21 years old. It’s time. Darn, it’s way past time. I must say, we got more than our money’s worth. I got sick and tired of the head/foot board and took them off. Now the bed is simply sitting on the box spring on the floor.

Getting a new bed will mean getting a bedroom make over and since interior decorating does not come naturally to me, I made my way to Pinterest and some other sources for inspiration. The photo above is a licensed stock. I inserted my photo since it’s my bedroom inspiration. Here’s what I came up with.

Via Pinterest

I love having a few plants in the bedroom. They bring me closer to nature when it’s time for sleep. And this headboard and chandelier. How beautiful are they? Love this set up.

Via Pinterest

A well, naturally lit room is a must for me. I prefer to rise with the sun, and having windows that filter in the beautiful AM rays is a great boost to my day.

Via Pinterest

Wood is so classic. I’ve come full circle. The first bed an all the beds in my childhood home were made of light wood. I’ve never had a metal frame bed. I’ve done dark wood but it never quite got into it. It’s back to natural wood. Full circle moments for sure.

Via Pinterest: Love it sans the swing

Though I love this bedroom. I can do without the swing. It’s a bit too much. I like the natural look of it. One thing I’ll definitely change in all the rooms are the walls. A good pop of color will definitely set them off.

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