Adieu 2020 Welcome 2021

What a year. One that will go down in the history books for it’s earth shattering effects. Adieu 2020. Of course you don’t need a recap, it’s been a collective experience for the most part.

I’m leaving all that does not serve me behind and walking in to 2021 eyes and mind wide open with a keen awareness of what’s happening both on the inside and outside. In Qigong, there is a saying, “move with intention rather than force.” Well, my intentions are set and I’m making moves. Flowing moves and forcing nothing.

For the first time in my life, I stayed put. And I mean put. Hunkered down and riding out the COVID pandemic. It’s mostly work and back home, a few trips sprinkled in to supermarket and the parks and as many open spaces I could find to enjoy.

We rarely spent Christmas holidays at home. But this year every holiday, every weekend has been in our home. And that’s ok. The time requires adjustments, pivots and switches. The festive season is over. The end of year is mere days aways and I feel grateful, hopeful and excited about 2021.

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