Four years ago I stopped dying my hair. I had been dying for two years prior to calling it quits. The first two years I dyed two to three times per year using regular dyes. Then I switched to henna the last two years. Truthfully, neither made much of an impact. They provided coverage for roughly three weeks.

Once I quit dyeing, I had to come face to face with the grays, every day, while I brushed my teeth, cleaned my face and tend to my hair. I always loved grey hair, and admired the women in my family and women in general with bright, silvery shiny crowns. There’s no recollection of exactly when I fell in love with the shiny white strands highlighting my hairline and sprinkled around my crown. One day I looked in the mirror and found myself seriously admiring them.

My body and features are changing. This is a part of aging. A part that I intend to be one hundred percent a peace with. And a part that I am cherishing, loving and enjoying.

Cheers to my highlights!!

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