• Free Flowing Pieces For Spring

    Every since I can remember, I’ve loved clothing that hangs loosely on my body. Sort of the way drapes hang on the window, unobstructed and free to flow. Hence the reason you see me in loose clothing so much. I feel free and unobstructed.

    That’s not to say you won’t find this middle aged mama in some tight jeans and a bit of belly out. You will on occasion, and I love those too. But they are the least worn.

    This is one of my favorite outfits, which I get the most out of for summer, early fall and late spring.

    Autumn 2020

    I love the comfort and freedom of movement this outfit allows. And of course, my trusted converse sneakers adds an extra level of comfort. Not to low, not too high. I’ve had this outfit for about 5 years and will probably own it for five plus more. I seriously cherish the things I like.

    Spring 2021

    I’ve decided to get serious and be intentional about what I’m posting on my blog, which includes monetizing this baby. Expect some more lifestyle posts, health and wellness posts, plus forty and fifty post an some style posts.

    Qigong, Autumn 2020
  • Dream your dreams

    Be your own soul,learn to liveAnd if men thwart youtake no heed.If men hate youhave no care.Sing your song,Dream your dreamHope your hope andpray your prayer.~parkenhambeatty

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