• Pet Bonding during the covid pandemic

    I’m not really a pet person. But as the universe would have it, my two children are amongst the biggest pet lovers on the planet. So I’ve had countless pets in my presence since their birth. 

    Here comes another Trinidad story. I grew up with pets around, cats and dogs. Most of our dogs were “POTHOUNDS.” ( dogs whose breed is indeterminable). Pothounds don’t live in your house. You own them. Your home (the outside) is their home, and they roam the neighborhood at their leisure. Basically, they do whatever and go wherever they want. They show up for food and then go on about their merry way. So when I arrived in the USA, where dogs and cats live indoors, I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the practice. As far as I was concerned, animals belonged outside. Of course, kids came and that changed. 

    During COVID, we inherited my sisters dog, the third for our household. And I have to say this is the deepest attachment I’ve ever felt to a pet. And believe me, it’s not deep, deep. Yet I’m attracted to him more than I have been to other pets. He’s sweet. Perhaps it’s because of the times we’re in or maybe because I’m getting older. I don’t know. Whatever it is. It feels good. I like him, a lot.