Shorts are Back

One of my non-negotiable is recreation. I make time for fun and joy. It doesn’t always unfolds perfectly ’cause life is not a linear process, but it sure is worth the effort. 

Today I’m sharing shorts. Shorts season is back and I am ready for it. Coming from the Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago, which has hot, summery weather all year long, shorts were definitely a staple in the closet. Warm weather, shorts and these plants are sources of joy.

What’s more, after such a long and stressful winter, these legs are screaming for the sunshine. That smile says it all. Light at the end of the COVID tunnel.

It’s safe to say I’ll be rocking shorts until my legs can’t hold up anymore. And even when they can’t hold up, I’ll be sitting in them, just not denim.

This gorgeous hydrangea I went shopping for in my shorts have found a home on the front entrance.

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