resentments will rear its head

There is a saying that goes something like, nothing changes if you don’t change anything. It’s true. Life oftentimes require us to go through many changes in order to become the person we truly desire.

For those who rise to the challenge, change can be accompanied with great chaos and confusion. After all, change is never easy. The gruesome metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly being one of the best examples.

At the end of its transformation, the butterfly is distinctly different from it’s former self. Its needs are completely different from the caterpillars; from what it eats to how it moves.

When we move into a state of awareness and we accept the challenge to lean in, learn and grow in order to show up the way we desire, therein begins the action of transformation. Similarly, like the caterpillar, the process may be accompanied with chaos and sometimes gruesome pain.

And also like the caterpillar, at the end of our transformation we are not who we used to be, and what we require is different from the former versions of ourselves.

Our needs change, how we show up changes, even what and how we eat changes. Sadly, not everyone understands and can accept this change. Some simply resent the change because of their own fear of change. And from this lack of understanding and acceptance may come resentment.

You may face resentment by some because what and who you are in this season requires your focus and attention, and you are no longer as available as you used to be.

Do the best you can to help your loved ones and those in your close community to understand your process. Then let it be. Connect when you can, but stay focused. Stay attentive, authentic, loving and true.

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