49 Years Alive

It’s my birthday today. And I can’t remember every feeling such overwhelming gratitude for life. It’s overflowing, even now as I sit on my couch, with no where to go because we made the decision to stay home and honker down. I feel full, cherished and protected.

Forty nine feels wonderful. Frankly, it feels as full as twenty nine did but with loads more gratitude for my life and journey, much more peace within, openness to always be learning and growing, and more love in my heart.

Among the many lessons, this COVID pandemic has regurgitated is the resilience and adaptation of my human spirit. While growing up in my small village of less than three hundred people, time spent alone was a way of life. It’s how I learned to love my own company and talk to myself. Well, I saw my grandmother talking to herself a lot. So I’m ok with forgoing the RV trip and chilling on the couch this birthday.

Without a doubt, those early life experiences seeped up to the surface on the onset of the pandemic. And I took great comfort in embracing them. Even though it feels lonely. I’m not suffocating from spending time alone. In fact, this time has allowed me the opportunity to find new, meaningful ways to spend my time. Everything under the sun is for a time, including my precious life. So for all the days I will spend on this earth, I will do my utmost to live my best life.

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