Premium fuel for This top of the line luxury vehicle: My Body

Fuel for my body. I’m that woman. Two years ago I took out additional life insurance and had to go through the usual rigmarole.The company quoted me a price of $150 per month due to my age. Well, after all tests including blood work and physical came back, the agent called me and said, “you’re a rock star. You came back with the health of a 19 year old.” She went on to add that I was the second person in their thirty year history with those results. My rate dropped to $50.20 per month.

Was I surprised by the test results? No. I’m not trying to be cocky. It’s just that I get my annuals and I know what’s going on with my body: good and bad. Diagnostics are important ya’ll. I also put into my body what it needs to feel good. That does not mean, omit snacks.

My body is a luxury, top of the line vehicle that holds all of me. It’s my ride ’til I die. So you best believe I’m fueling it like I would a top of the line car. You know, we take pride in putting premium fuel/gasoline in our cars, with the understanding that the octane levels are better for the car’s lifespan. Well, I aim for premium fuel for my body.

We all have our means to obtaining health. Drinking and eating vegetables and fruits, often are among my ways. Nothing is guaranteed; not life, not health. There is however, a piece of mind when you support the body with what it needs, and that peace plays a crucial role in optimizing health

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